Tower Crane Operator is a common fixture at any major construction site. They are pretty hard to miss. They often rise hundreds of feet in to the air and can reach out just as far. The construction crew uses the tower crane to lift steel, concrete, large tools like acetylene torches nag generators and a wide variety of other building materials.
Tower crane fixed to the ground on concrete slab. The base is then attached to the must which gives the crane its height. Further the must is attached to the slewing unit (gear and motor) that allow the crane to rotate. On the top of the slewing unit there are three main parts which are: Long horizontal jib (working arm), shorter counter jib, and the operator cab. The hook is located on the long horizontal arm to lift the load which also contains its motor.
Two time test. 1st terminal test will be held after one month and the 2nd terminal test will be held after finished the Theoretical class. After completion the training trainees are awarded the Certificate by Institution and arranges a job placement For regional and national companies in India and abroad, mostly gulf and Arab countries overseas and manpower offices

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GULF Technical Institute offers three months training program for those candidates, who want to be get in the profession of Tower Crane Operator. We provide the complete training on Tower Crane Operator & after completion of training, certificate is awarded to candidates. We also provide the campus facility into the different companies for those students who complete the training successfully. We are one of the leading Tower Crane Operator training institutes in Jamshedpur, Jharkhand, India


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