Mobile crane operator training in Jamshedpur

Mobile Crane Operator Training.

Gulf Training Institute Is Offering Mobile Crane Operator Training In Jamshedpur.

Mobile Crane is a well-designed movable hydraulic machine which is used to shift the loads and cargos vertically and horizontally from one site to another. We are proudly offering Mobile crane operator training in Jamshedpur.
This is the time where everything is running with the great speed and for lifting the heavy loads and shifting it to the great heights and distances.
There is very difficult task for human to perform. Mobile Crane makes the work very easier and time saving.
It is used in constructions such as flyovers, buildings, farming, dockyards etc. Mobile Crane Operator is a highly paid and demanded profession for anyone without any degree.
Mobile crane is a load lifting machine, which are travels at plain road. It is run by diesel engine. It works from hydraulic pressure system. There are two types of Mobile crane founded.
1. R.T crane (Rough terrain crane) which is control from one cabin and in the cabin there driving system and operating system are attached.
2. Track mounted crane: – It has two cabins, one for driving system, and second for operating system. Mobile cranes have many hydraulic telescopic boom and also mechanical boom. It has four out rigger which is spread both side and help to lifting more load. Cranes operate cabin and boom moves 360 degree from its Axis point. For operating the cranes there are more levers in the operator cabin.
Two time test. 1st terminal test will be held after one month and the 2nd terminal test will be held after finished the Theoretical class. After completion the training trainees are awarded the Certificate by Institution and arranges a job placement For regional and national companies in India and abroad, mostly gulf and Arab countries overseas and manpower offices.

How does GULF Technical Institute help you in Mobile crane operator training in Jamshedpur ?

GULF Technical Institute offers three months training program for those candidates, who want to be get in the profession of Mobile Crane Operator. We provide the complete training on Mobile Crane Operator & after completion of training, certificate is awarded to candidates.
We also provide the campus facility into the different companies for those students who complete the training successfully. We are one of the leading Mobile Crane Operator training institutes in Jamshedpur, Jharkhand, India.
If you are ready to learn then GULF TRAINING INSTITUTE is here to help you to achieve your dreams. Our students are placed not only in India but also in Gulf Countries along with different parts of the world.
GULF TRAINING INSTITUTE is the best Mobile Crane training Institute in Jamshedpur since 1997 and growing every day. In GULF TRAINING INSTITUTE we will provide u 3 Months course. Our expertise faculty will teach you step by step. From safety to working in the field. We believe in the practical knowledge. Regular workshop in the present of expert teacher. We are having our own machine so there will be no delay in learning process.
In GULF TRAINING INSTITUTE there is a well-arranged HOSTEL facility for students from the different parts of India. Two faculties teach 2 hours of theory (1hours for Mechanics and 1hours for Operations).
Practical classes are distributed into 4 parts – driving of 6-wheel dumper, driving of 10-wheel cranes, operating and knowledgeful professional faculties provide you complete specification step by step of handling the Rigger.
The main focus of GULF TRAINING INSTITUTE is to provide more and more practical classes to the students as compared to other institutes. These are the benefits which will be available only with us. Practical based on different loads with different angles which will help u to learn rapidly but steadily.

What is Mobile Crane Operation?

Mobile crane operation is the process of moving and controlling a mobile crane. Mobile cranes are large, heavy machines that are used to move heavy loads. They are typically used in construction and industrial settings.

Why you join GTI for Mobile Crane Operator Training?

  • We have our own Mobile Crane Machine. ( हमारी अपनी मोबाइल क्रेन है )

  • We are giving Unlimited Practical. ( अनलिमिटेड प्रॅक्टिकल दिया जाता है )

  • We are giving Dumper driving in free. ( फ्री मे डमपर ड्राइविंग सिखाया जाता है )

  • We are giving Left Hand Crane Driving. ( लेफ्ट हॅंड क्रॅन ड्राइविंग सिखाया जाता है )

  • We are also giving the maintenance of Crane. ( क्रॅन का पूरा मेंटेनेन्स सिखाया जाएगा )

  • Extra Hand Signal, Load Chart, Safety Precaution. ( हॅंड सिग्नल, लोड चार्ट और सेफ्टी प्रिकॉशन सिखाया जाता है )

Mobile Crane Operator Course Fee.


FEES - ₹40,000


FEES - ₹60,000


FEES - ₹80,000

Registration Fees 5000/- (Including in fees)

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