MIG CO2 Welding Training

MIG CO2 (Carbon dioxide), MAG (Metal Active Gas) or CO2 welding is a variation of the standard MIG process. In MIG process generally Argon, Helium, or their mixture are used for shielding the molten weld pool whereas in CO2 welding process, carbon dioxide is used as the shielding gas. CO2 being an active gas, this process is there fore known as MAG (Metal Active Gas) process. CO2 welding is used for the welding of carbon and low alloy steels from 16 gases (0.059 inch) to 1/4 inch (6mm) or heavier. CO2 is basically a semi-automatic process. In which the arc length and the feeding of the electrode wire into the arc are automatically controlled.

Welding Equipments:

1. A constant potential DC power source and controls it may blither welding generator or transformer Rectifier of constant voltage type such as used in submerged arc welding.
2. A wire feeder that pulls the wire electrode from a Spool and pushes it through the welding gum at required speed.
3. The welding gun which is shaped like a goose neck design.
4. Shielding gas supply is obtained from gas cylinder which is containing liquid and gaseous carbon dioxide at high pressure.


1. Higher welding speed
2. Deep joint penetration with good bead contour
3. Good mechanical properties of weld metal


CO2 process is commonly used for welding carbon and low allows steel.

How does GULF Technical Institute help you?

GULF Technical Institute offers two months training program for those candidates, who want to be get in the profession of MIG CO2 Welding. We provide the complete training on MIG CO2 Welding & after completion of training, certificate is awarded to candidates. We also provide the campus facility into the different companies for those students who complete the training successfully. We are one of the leading MIG CO2 Welding training institutes in Jamshedpur, Jharkhand, India.


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FEES - ₹45,000

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