Fork-Lift Operator Training

The Forklift is a small 4 wheeled vehicle. Gasoline, Propane or Electric engine provide power to it. Now a day there are diesel engines forklift are also available. Heavy counter weights are lifted to the rear of the units. The front of the machine has two steel lifting arm or forks. The forks are spaced to balance the load and are adjustable. The forklift is used for lifting load and shifting them to different places in a factory. Forklift steering is fitted with rear wheel. The forklift operator is responsible for operating a forklift move, locate, re-locate, stack and count merchandise. Loading and unloading goods vehicles such as lorries and aircraft. Forklift machine has 12 volts electrical system with starter motor, alternator and with standard battery. A four cylinder diesel engine is provided to power making. Forklifts fork attached with carriage which is lifted by the chain drive system.

How does GULF Technical Institute help you?

GULF Technical Institute offers three months training program for those candidates, who want to be get in the profession of Forklift Operator. We provide the complete training on Forklift Operator & after completion of training, certificate is awarded to candidates. We also provide the campus facility into the different companies for those students who complete the training successfully. We are one of the leading Forklift Operator training institutes in Jamshedpur, Jharkhand, India

Why you join GTI for FORK-LIFT Operator Training?

  • We have our own Forklift Machine. ( हमारी अपनी फोर्कलिफ्ट मशीन है )

  • We are giving Unlimited Practical. ( अनलिमिटेड प्रॅक्टिकल दिया जाता है )

  • We are giving Dumper driving in free. ( फ्री मे डमपर ड्राइविंग सिखाया जाता है )

  • We are also giving the maintenance of fork-lift. ( फोर्कलिफ्ट का पूरा मेंटेनेन्स सिखाया जाएगा )

  • Extra giving the loading unloading in trailer & truck. ( टेलर और ट्रक में लोडिंग - अनलोडिंग दिया जाता है )


FEES - ₹21,000


FEES - ₹35,000


FEES - ₹50,000

Registration Fees 5000/- (Including in fees)

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